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Tours in the UK and Ireland

These pages contain guides for the tours we have done in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. First, some preliminary information:

Useful information for travelling in the UK and Ireland:

Accommodation while travelling in the UK and Ireland
In order to keep the costs of our tours down, we camp as often as possible, only using hostels (and very occasionally guesthouses) in poor weather and when we wish to stay in the centre of a city. In Ireland, many farmhouse buildings have been converted into B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast guesthouses) or into hostels and camping grounds. The campsites, hostels and B&Bs listed in the Accommodation sections of this website are all ones I have personally stayed in and would recommend.

Eating and drinking in the UK and Ireland
Since we buy most of our food in supermarkets and only occasionally eat in restaurants, this website does not contain a food guide to the destinations we have visited, although on some pages I have mentioned local specialities.

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